5 Essential Tips for Cultivating Emotional Availability in Your Long-Term Relationship

dr. morgan coaching Jun 27, 2023

Emotional availability plays a crucial role in building a healthy, long-term relationship, as it directly impacts the level of connection, understanding and support between partners. When both individuals are emotionally available, they can nurture a thriving relationship that fosters growth and happiness. Evaluating potential partners for compatibility and attachment style will significantly increase your chances of finding a supportive and secure long-term relationship that enhances your personal and professional life.

Here are the key steps:

  • Determine your partner's emotional capacity
  • Identify and understand attachment styles
  • Focus on compatibility in values, lifestyles
  • Reflect on your own relationship readiness
  • Consider the balance of compromise

Determine your partner's emotional capacity.
In the quest for a healthy, long-term relationship, emotional availability plays a significant role. It can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to invest time and energy into a...

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How to Raise Your Relationship Standards

dr. morgan coaching Jun 26, 2023

The importance of cultivating healthy relationship standards cannot be overstated for those seeking fulfilling and long-lasting connections. By engaging in self-reflection and identifying the influences of our past, we can develop a stronger foundation for our relationships and personal well-being. Fostering open communication, embracing honesty, and focusing on personal growth allows us to build partnerships that enrich both our personal and professional lives. By seeking support in healing past traumas and building self-awareness, we can create a brighter future with healthier, more satisfying relationships.

Here are the key steps:

  1. Recognize past influences on relationship standards
  2. Identify core values for healthier partnerships
  3. Prioritize open communication and honesty
  4. Embrace change and personal growth in relationships
  5. Seek support in healing past traumas


Recognize past influences on relationship standards

Developing healthy relationship standards is crucial for...

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What to Consider when Talking with Your Partner about Having Kids

dr. morgan coaching Jun 26, 2023

Join me as we delve into the ongoing conversation of starting a family with your partner. But what happens when one partner wants children and the other doesn't? 

Talking About Desires with a Partner

Open communication is crucial when it comes to discussing desires surrounding parenthood with a partner. Honest and continued conversations enable partners to understand each other's expectations, values, fears and dreams as they relate to family-building. These conversations are vital to maintaining a healthy, connected relationship and making well-informed decisions about family planning. It is crucial to have ongoing dialogues with partners about the desire for children, ideally once secure attachment and compatibility have been established. If the desire for kids is a priority, it should be vocalized within the first three to six months of the relationship, allowing both individuals to make informed choices moving forward. I also believe this topic...

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How to Break Free from the Emotionally Unavailable Trap

dr. morgan coaching Jun 26, 2023

If you've ever found yourself repeatedly attracted to emotionally unavailable partners, you're not alone. In this blog post, I'll be guiding you through the process of overcoming this addictive attraction by understanding the concept of intermittent reinforcement and breaking the pattern that keeps you hooked. My name is Dr. Morgan Anderson, and I've personally struggled with this issue, seeking validation from partners who couldn't offer the emotional connection I craved. Through my experiences and research, I've gained valuable insights into breaking this cycle and attracting healthier, more stable relationships. In this post, I'll share my own journey and outline the exact steps you can take to transform your love life and finally attract the emotionally available partner you deserve.

The significance of addressing addictive attraction to emotionally unavailable partners cannot be overstated, as it can impact not only your personal relationships, but also your professional ones....

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3 Steps to Take if You’re the “Red Flag”

dr. morgan coaching Jun 26, 2023

Understanding the power of forgiveness in developing secure attachment styles is crucial for individuals seeking healthy relationships. The ability to forgive ourselves and others for past experiences can lead to personal growth, self-love, and ultimately, a more fulfilling romantic life. Embracing compassion and curiosity can help you shift from a victim mindset to a growth mindset, allowing for healthier connections and happier partnerships. 

Here are the key steps:

  • Embrace compassion and curiosity for self-growth
  • Shift from victim mindset to growth mindset
  • Forgive past actions for healthier relationships
  • Reprogram attachment styles through self-love
  • Seek professional guidance for secure love 

Embrace compassion and curiosity for self-growth

It's no secret that fostering healthy relationships can be a challenging journey, but one of the most vital aspects to consider on that journey is embracing compassion and curiosity for self-growth. By cultivating these...

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Four Signs You Might Be Avoidantly Attached

dr. morgan coaching May 22, 2023

 1.  You Struggle with Setting Boundaries  

Setting boundaries is difficult with avoidant attachment style because you predict that the receiver of the boundaries “won’t take it well.” So instead of setting boundaries, you tend to pull away or “ghost.” This allows you to avoid difficult conversations, and it also prevents you from maintaining deep intimacy over time. 

2.  You May Unconsciously Believe you Are “Bad at Relationships”  

If I believe I am a “bad partner” and I’m “not good at relationships” this makes it very difficult for me to want to show up for my dating life. Think about it: if we feel we are bad at something, we don’t typically enjoy it. Doubting yourself in relationships causes many people to avoid having them all together. 

3.  You Believe Relationships Get in the Way of You Achieving Your Goals  

This is a classic belief among...

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Coping With Rejection On Your Dating Journey

dr. morgan coaching May 22, 2023

“Rejection is simply redirection to what is meant for you. “ - Dr. Morgan Anderson

I just want to start out by normalizing the fear of rejection. If it’s something you experience, please know you are not alone. It's completely normal that you would have those feelings come up while you're dating and there are ways to work through them. What really breaks my heart is if you let your fear of rejection run the show. If you're letting it impact how you're showing up in dating, and you're letting it impact the decisions you're making in your love life, it’s time to change that. 

First off, of course fear of rejection is going to come up. It can and will happen. But how do we acknowledge it and move through it in a healthy way so that it doesn't impact our results? 

Dealing with fear of rejection in a healthy way starts with acknowledging the ways you’re looking for approval and love from others.  I call this “outsourcing your...

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Seven Things That Turn Me On In My Thirties

dr. morgan coaching May 22, 2023

I am gonna be honest with you: my twenties were painful. And I now take full ownership of my role in why that was the case. There are quite a few things that I have learned as I enter my mid-thirties, and I wanted to share them with you.  

A list of seven things that I deeply appreciate as I approach 34 years old: 


  • Drama free relationships. Friendships where we cheer each other on, celebrate our wins and do what we say we’re gonna do. Reliable, consistent, “good for your nervous system” kind of relationships. 
  • Securely Attached, Emotionally Available Sex. In my twenties, the spark of the emotionally unavailable connection fueled my enjoyment in sex. Now it is love, comfort, vulnerability and depth of connection that allows me to enjoy sex with my partner. 
  • Relationships that Get Better with Time. You’re either growing or you’re dying. Friendships work the same way. I now surround myself with people who want...
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Understanding the Impact of Mother and Father Wound on your Well-Being and Relationships

dr. morgan coaching May 22, 2023

Like so many people I’ve worked with, do you struggle with the relationship you have with your parents? Maybe you’ve heard of the Mother Wound and Father Wound but don’t know what these wounds actually look like? This article will help explain where these wounds originate, and how they impact your well-being. 

The Mother and Father Wounds have an impact on identity, ability to regulate your emotions, and of course, your ability to have healthy relationships. We explore how an emotional absence or neglectful parent can affect one's sense of self and emotional safety. The good news? You can cultivate self-compassion, forgiveness and belief work to heal from these wounds.

Let’s explore the Mother Wound.  This wound is more about emotional safety and the ability to go inward, the ability to feel safe within yourself and to experience your emotions and feel overall, emotionally safe. And this wounding can come from an emotionally unavailable mother, a...

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Healing After Toxic Relationships

dr. morgan coaching May 22, 2023

Self-trust is an essential ingredient for healthy dating, relationships and decision-making. In a recent Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast episode, one of my listeners asked the question: "How can I tell if I'm actually not into him, or if my brain is still working on rewiring itself toward healthier, emotionally available partners?" Many people struggle with this dilemma, which can lead to confusion, self-doubt and even self-sabotage.

The fear of making the wrong decision can lead to outsourcing the job of knowing what's meant for you to others. When you don't have self-trust, you're likely to second-guess yourself and seek validation from friends and family, which can be exhausting and confusing. To develop self-trust, you need to be able to tune inward and understand who you are attracted to and who you are not attracted to.

It is from a place of secure attachment that we can make those decisions well. Many people miss this point and think they just need to give it a little time...

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