What you’ll get at this HIGH-VALUE never before released Masterclass:

→ Review of What Makes us Susceptible to Toxic Relationships

→ WHY it Feels Impossible to Stop the Cycle 

→ Your First Steps Towards Healing

BONUS: Review of Protest Relationship Behaviors (and what to do instead!)

I’m sick of seeing women stay stuck in relationships that:

✘  Drain their energy and don’t add value to their life 

✘  Don’t go anywhere long-term (helloooo shit-show situationships!) 

✘  Reinforce all of their fears about relationships (i.e. experiencing abandonment, chasing guys who won’t fully commit, and trying to get emotionally unavailable partners to love you) 


I’m hostED the F*ck Toxic Relationships: Attract the Love You Deserve Masterclass because I am ready to see more women radically heal their dating lives. I am so passionate about serving women in this way because just 6 short years ago, I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. Who was that timid, scared, self-loathing girl staring back at me? My self-worth had hit rock bottom, and I was completely and utterly: alone. I was in the process of leaving an 18-month relationship with a narcissist. I just left for the 4th time and I was absolutely terrified. 

Thank God I found a way forward that included throwing myself into attachment theory research, deep belief work, and learning to release the trauma of my past. I found a way to heal (even after experiencing childhood trauma, a decade of toxic relationships, a disorganized attachment style, and zero self-worth…).

Today I can honestly tell you: my life has completely changed. I love myself, and I don’t act out unhelpful relationship behaviors any more.

I am in an incredible relationship with a securely attached, handsome, kind and thoughtful man. Most importantly: I have high self-worth, and I am not re-experiencing my past trauma every day. I am at peace, and I am truly happy. My life today is better than I ever imagined possible. Which is why I am SO determined to help as many women as possible get off the dating rollercoaster, and attract the love they deserve. I don’t want women to suffer the way I did for over a decade.


Girl, it’s time to attract a partner you’d be excited to grow withand the person you know you could build your dream life with. It’s time for you to show up as your most confident and securely attached self. It’s time for you to start your healing journey.

Trust me, you will love it!


P.S. This Masterclass has content that I have NEVER shared before. Don’t miss it!